• You are blue number
  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Gather green numbers to grow
  • Gather all red numbers to advance to next level
  • Yellow things are items, use digit keys 1-3 to use them
  • Grey things are gates, reducing you to 1 if condition is not met
  • Red numbers will reduce you
  • Red divisions and negavite percent will not reduce you below 1
  • Getting to zero or below will end the game
  • Grow to 99999 to win
  • [map] items reveals the level
  • [key] item removes all gates on the level
  • 'div2?' gate requires your number to be divisible by 2, etc.


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Really great idea! I had a ton of fun with it

Idea is notable!

I love the idea. It really is someting new and very fun to play!

addictive and fun !!!

Very cool idea with some nice strategy about when to use items. Great!

14905 - really fun game and nice idea.  I will play this one again!