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Liked the game.  One thing I'd improve is to add some indication on boss room doors. Often they're right at the spawn area, or I just not readdy to deal with boss yet, but I can incidently encounter him anyway.

Really enjoyed this, thankyou very much. Still can't get past level 3 through. Levelling talents is not rewarding enough.

Excellent game, really having some trouble getting past level 3 though. The mechanic of naturalizing is awesome, really gives a lot of flavor to the game. If there is one thing I could say I needed more it would be more variety of the new learned skills. The art style was really great as well, simple yet very expressive and coherent


if you find the game window too small, in desktop version alt + enter to full screen it, helps a whole lot.


Beat it! This was sooo fun. Inspired mechanics + setting :)

Now to catch up on sleep...