*** Please see How to Play and Controls layout below ***

Due to botched DIY voodoo ritual, Jimmy ended up in the realm of the dead. He does not like being there and needs to find a way to get out. Move through the levels to find the Find the King of the Dead and try to force him to let you go home.

This is a relatively compact combat-focused roguelike. Use various weapons and consumables found on the levels and dropped from mobs to deal and avoid damage, take your time to replenish your protective shield and plan your moves ahead.

*** Controls ***

- [Arrows] to move

- [Space] or [E] to skip one turn

- [R] to rest for 10 turns

- [P] to pick up items

- [D] to use potions

- [U] to use your weapon special ability once you have enough combo points

*** How to Play ***

- Move into enemies to attack them

- Basic attacks generate combo points

- Combo points can be used to trigged powerful ability of your weapon

- Unless improved by talents/items, combo points reset if you move or skip turn without attacking

- Both you and enemies have spirit (shield) and essence (health)

- Spirit regenerates over time

- Some attacks go straight to essence, ignoring spirit

- Some attacks only do damage to spirit

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